It’s Funny Because It’s True – Suzy Bennett Has Gumption!

The only toxic seven-year relationship I’ve ever had, was with a meak little gold fish, named Pepsi. Pepsi (no this isn’t a sponsored post) used to tease me. She’d flop to the surface of her bowl, rolling over in an almost dramatic fashion (if gold fish could muster such mannerisms) as if she were dead. Then true to goldfish nature, as I got close to the little tank the act would manifest as nothing more than an anti-climax. This routine would surface around once a month until finally the day came when Pepsi really did get the flush… It was almost a relief to return to the kitchen and see her empty bowl. But the good thing about gold fish? No baggage. No gumption required. Probably no material for a stand-up-show…

…Luckily for Suzy Bennett a seven-year relationship with a toxic man will provide you with, a successful Edinburgh Fringe show, packed with some very funny and relatable material. 

Settling down in perhaps the tiniest room of The Museum of Comedy and possibly the smallest space, in which I’ve ever had a ticket, to laugh at another human, Suzy’s show is all about Gumption. Having the guts to get out and move on, taking centre stage in your own life and flushing out toxic relationships.

I got a chance to see Gumption’s and Suzy's last hoorah in London until the comedian returns with new material next year. And let me tell you, it was certainly a hoorah! The winner of 2006’s Funny Women award is on top form with her most personal routine to date. 

“With no agent, PR, flyering team or budget, my second solo Edinburgh show came to fruition on the philosophy'If you build it they will come' (nicked from Kevin Costner). I wanted to take risks and experience the excitement of debuting the 'new' me after a year away from the Fringe.”

- Suzy B

Unlike some of Suzy’s male counter-parts her stand up is not a stand off. She doesn’t pick on those in the audience to find her funny, and won’t challenge your perceptions of the world too far. Although, Suzy does lean in to tell us, on a couple of occasions, that she’s doing a topical bit. This works well with the comedian’s naturally conversational tone, but as an avid stand-up audience member, I wonder whether the asides are formed through a lack of confidence rather than a cheeky nature. 

However, with rom-com quotes, anecdotes on body-shaping tights and references to ‘dic-pics’ littering her show, Suzy’s stand-up will definitely strike a cord with single women everywhere, navigating their way through the pressures of modern society, dating and friendships. But like any good comedian worth their salts there’s recognisable failings in there for everyone to laugh at. Hurrah! And by the end of the show, with a little help from some Kylie-esque gold-hot-pants, trust me, you will feel uplifted and whatever gumption you lacked will be re-stored! 

Whilst I didn’t find Gumption to be a laugh-a-minute belly aching fest, the show is witty, relatable and mostly funny because it’s true. Providing gentle amusement throughout, until occasionally you’re hit with an; ‘oh god, did I just snort in public?’ moment!

I can’t wait to see what this funny lady does next!