Slow Matching From Slow Dating

One week on from my Slow Dating speed dating experience and I have a match!

So, Since my review of Slow Dating’s speed dating event last week, held at TigerTiger in central London, Slow Dating have been in touch to ask if I could also share my experience of their unique matching process.

So, you may recall that I perhaps wasn’t too taken with the event or many of my four minute dates for that matter.

Nice guys, really nice guys, but as I said before, these seemed to be the type of men who were quite at home in the tourist driven, stark and non-exclusive venue of TigerTiger. Somewhere I would usually avoid in favour of somewhere, dare I say it, a little cooler.

I just prefer somewhere off the beaten track, less blatant where the locals might dwell because it’s nice rather than, easy.

So I broke one of my own little golden rules, of which I admit to not have many...

…I chose a singles event outside the realms of my interests, tastes and importantly the area of London in which I am willing to go and drink on a Friday night. So how could I expect to meet a like-minded date, in four minutes, or otherwise?

Well for the sake of the Matching process I did scrape together two names to input into Slow Dating’s online system the next day.

I was a little worried that not even my ‘speeding ticket’ (my reminders list) would be enough to remind me of whom I actually got on with on the night. But one good feature on Slow Dating’s site, when you’re inputting your matches, is everyone can upload a photo.

What you end up with is a little tick list of names and photographs of each of your dates. Then you simply go down the list, of hopefully familiar, not overly instagramed photos of your dates, ticking yes or no. Admittedly easier than I had feared.

One nice touch of being able to input your matches online is being able to see, although anonymously, how many speed daters ticked you hoping for a match.

Logining in the message reads:

“Of the 14 guys at the event, you ticked 2. So far, 13 guys have entered their choices and you have been ticked by 11. Details of your matches are shown below.”

 Seeing the stats like that is a nice little confidence boost.

But maybe you don’t make such a good impression within a four minute allotted date the figures might not be such an ego massage.

A little frustratingly however one of the guys I ‘ticked’ still hasn’t even bothered to upload his matches! A week on. What if he was my true love! Although I suspect my true love is a little more proactive…

However that I feel is a point for speed dating hosts who collect in matches on the night and email them out the next morning! Slow Dating did point out that inputting your own results is the only way to get 100% honest and accurate matching results. Maybe I’m a little too naïve but I usually trust my dating hosts to give me all my matches.

So, up sides and down sides to matching with your speed dates with Slow Dating.

But then there was also the weird side…

Virtual gifts.

How do you feel about a guy who thinks it’s appropriate beyond the age of 16 to send you a picture of a glass of wine as a ‘gift’?

I’m sorry Slow Dating but I feel you’re a little stuck in the realm of social media’s past with this one. The virtual gifts option on Slow Dating is like a little like a tribute to the good old days when throwing a sheep at a ‘friend’ was the height on online social humour and a poke was still seen as cheeky rather than ‘oh god, maybe he’s on a register?’

Ok I’m being a little cruel about the virtual ‘gifts’ but the guy who I didn’t match with, who then sent me the virtual glass of wine definitely didn’t up his chances. Virtual or otherwise…

So my verdict.

Slow Dating, potentially a fun night. Go with friends, be open-minded and don’t take it seriously.

When it comes to matching be honest. There’s no point putting down guys or girls for the sake of it. I got a nice text from my one match who seems like a really cool guy. So maybe it can work. Maybe?