Swinging For Valentine's

As I walked into the warehouse I was greeted with a red haze, hanging in the air, disguising the already mingling bodies around the room. I was still aware of the cold night clinging to the back of my neck, making the nerves dance faster down my spine.

There was the kind of excitement in the air that you might expect from so many open-minded singles.

This would be my first time ‘Swinging’.

Thankfully as I signed in along with my plus one, my last single male friend, all was explained.

I was handed a scorecard and told that our tee off time would be 9:45pm. Then I was showed where to check my coat and the start of the golf course was pointed out…


…Crazy golf and dating are not necessarily two things one immediately associate as taking place on the same night.

But that’s the great thing about DoingSomething.co.uk, the dating site with a difference. They know that you need more than just a blank space, a Selfie or a bar to brave making a connection with someone in London. Which is why they created the 'Don't Call it Valentine's Swingers Party' for singles looking to poke a little fun at Valentine's and play a round of golf in Shoreditch.

With the event so close to Valentine’s, the holiday it seems not only designed to make couples spend a fortune on flowers and reservations for two. But, to make single people everywhere feel down right lousy, the #AntiValentines campaign is stronger than ever.

All over London there are events like Speed HatingPaper bag DatingSlag Box and tons more, all designed to poke fun at Valentine’s and put singles at ease. Empowering them to bellow, ‘I am Single, hear me roar!’

It’s ironic then that DoingSomething did such a good job of making a flirty yet relaxed atmosphere down at Swingers in Shoreditch.

This lovely matchmaking bunch were always on hand to answer questions, break the ice between singles and guide you to where you needed to go. Be that the bar or the golf course.

The premise is playing crazy golf with multiple partners. I actually had the impression that this would involve some kind of speed dating scenario where women moved clockwise through from hole 1 to 9 and the men worked backwards. This was not the case, which was possibly wise due to the sheer number of people booked in to play!

Instead singles were paired up in groups of four, two guys, two girls to play. This worked surprisingly well. The golf set everyone at ease and provided light-hearted banter to fill those inevitable awkward silences. Actually having a reason to move around the room and talk to people took away that common air which is often felt at a singles event of ‘The prowl’.

The only tiny improvement I wonder if DoingSomething might consider is for single swingers to disclose their age and perhaps a little information about themselves before the night. That way pairings may be more likely to strike up matches.

That said there were plenty of opportunities to talk to other singles swinging on other teams. With the added element of  ‘competition’ to give you a talking point.


So did I meet a handsome swinger to share my night with? Well on this occasion I was mostly… ‘Cock Blocked’ by my male plus one. So no. But we had a great night! It turns out everyone is terrible at crazy golf so I had nothing to worry about there. We soon ditched the scorecard for more drinks and found the extra gin really helped by time we made it to the ninth hole!

But, there were no dramas and for anyone unsure and nervous about singles nights I can’t recommend DoingSomething and Swingers highly enough. Everyone came across as so approachable, there was nothing sleazy about the amount of singles put together in one space, and the atmosphere was so relaxed.

If you’re looking for a great night and to meet someone fun check out DoingSomething.co.uk

They put on so many great events around London, all designed to put you at ease when breaking the ice.

And, right now if you register and upgrade to full membership with my discount code ‘myplaceoryours’ you’ll receive 50% off your first month’s membership. That works out as less than £15!

So start DoingSomething!

Perhaps just don’t take a plus one who’s bound to ‘cock block’…