GLAMOUR - The Ugly Naked Guy from Friends has been revealed

The TV mystery of the decade has finally been solved, as the questionFriends fans everywhere were dying to know is answered. 

If you've been living under a rock and somehow have no clue of who or what Ugly Naked Guy even is, then firstly, you need to up your 90s American sitcom game, my friend! And secondly let us enlighten you...

Ugly Naked Guy was the nickname, given to the Friend's nudist neighbour, who lived across the street and within viewing distance of Monica's apartment.

Despite the character becoming a total legend amongst Friends fans, Ugly Naked Guy was barely on our screens.

His debut appearance was in The One with the Giant Poking Device where the group's occasional spying and casual gawping turned to panic and a bid to save the nude man's life… or at least  poke him with a really really long stick.

But this is all we got!..


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