LOOK - The Winnie The Pooh News That Will Blow Your Mind

The One Thing Disney Forgot To Mention When Recreating This Childhood Classic...


...Yep there really is Winni-The-Pooh 'news' that will blow your mind!

Can you believe Winnie The Pooh has been a childhood classic for almost 90 years? But there’s one massive fact, which we never knew, until now.

If you grew up in Britain the chances are the A.A. Milne’s classics formed part of your bed time reading. Or if you were a Disney kid (and let’s face it, who wasn’t?) you surely would have fallen in love with Walt Disney’s imagining’s, of the little yellow bear with an addiction to honey.

But did you know, Winnie The Pooh, is actually a girl? Mind blown? Yeah, we know!

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