GLAMOUR - Our Women of the Year winners share awesome life advice

This year's GLAMOUR Awards were our biggest yet, with the likes of Susan Sarandon, Elizabeth Banks, James Norton, Naomi Harris, Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Saunders collecting awards - just to name (drop) a few.

And as always, our women of the year are made up of some seriously wise, successful, inspirational and all round kick-ass ladies - plus one brilliant man. So while we were backstage on each of their cover shoots, we knew there was only one question we really needed to ask each of them.

What's the best advice you've ever been given?

To find out the advice that has gotten them to where they are today, watch our video below... 

(Produced and Edited by Hayley Thompson)


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GLAMOUR - OAP hipster launches his modelling career at 60

Not into older men? Well, wait one moustache twirling moment, we think this OAP hipster model might just change your mind.

Sexy sixty-year-old Frenchman, (a chain of words you just don't see thrown together often enough by GLAMOUR) Philippe Dumas, suddenly found himself unemployed when the company he worked for went bankrupt around a year ago. However, instead of admitting defeat, picking up his bus-pass and giving into old age, Philippe thought he'd try his hand at modelling...

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GLAMOUR - The Ugly Naked Guy from Friends has been revealed

The TV mystery of the decade has finally been solved, as the questionFriends fans everywhere were dying to know is answered. 

If you've been living under a rock and somehow have no clue of who or what Ugly Naked Guy even is, then firstly, you need to up your 90s American sitcom game, my friend! And secondly let us enlighten you...

Ugly Naked Guy was the nickname, given to the Friend's nudist neighbour, who lived across the street and within viewing distance of Monica's apartment.

Despite the character becoming a total legend amongst Friends fans, Ugly Naked Guy was barely on our screens.

His debut appearance was in The One with the Giant Poking Device where the group's occasional spying and casual gawping turned to panic and a bid to save the nude man's life… or at least  poke him with a really really long stick.

But this is all we got!..


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About Time - About time you saw: This is Living

“If you were to stand opposite the person you loved most, knowingly for the last time, what would you say?”

This is the idea, which inspired Liam Borrett’s award-winning debut play, ‘This is Living’. Originally imagined as a 12-minute piece of theatre for the Edinburgh Festival in 2014, ‘This is Living’, is now a thought provoking and achingly realistic portrayal of the one unavoidable part of life. 

Alice (Tamala Kari) and Michael (Michael Socha) have been together for six years, they’ve begun a family and become each other’s world. But now Michael has to say goodbye and Alice must let go of everything.


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Glamour - How eco-friendly is your vagina?

Sure, you're keeping it green; you separate your plastics from your cardboards, you only buy organic and you've used your bike over four times this year! So what the heck can Green Peace have to say about your lady garden?

Well it turns out quite a lot: From vegan condoms to organic tampons, when it comes to sex, periods and the land of your labia there's a whole lot more you can do to become a true eco warrior.



Are you using ethical condoms? The answer to that is probably: 'How the heck do I know? I'm just trying to remember that banana demonstration from school!' But our go-to sexual protection is taking a major toll on the planet...


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GLAMOUR - Scientists find a link between red hair and eternal youth

Ok, you lucky redheads you may just hold the secret to eternal youth. The question the beauty world has been desperately trying to crack since the dawn of time.


(Bet you're feeling pretty smug about those freckles now, eh?)


Science has just announced a strong link between those graced with fiery hues in their hair and how young we appear...

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Glamour - Could Frozen 2 have the first LGBT princess?

#GiveElsaAGirlfriend has been trending on Twitter as the LGBT community campaign for Disney's Frozen 2 to have a lesbian lead.

The first film not only included Disney's first animated gay couple (did you spot Oaken's gay husband in the family sauna scene?), but was also seriously progressive; side-stepping the overplayed 'Prince Charming saves the day' storyline, in favour of a strong female duo who save themselves...

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About Time - About Time You Saw: A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing

A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing is the turbulent journey of one girl’s struggle to grow up and find her voice, whilst being drowned out, by the people already speaking for her. Originally a book that begged to be heard, it’s now the stage show, which demands to be watched...

Photo by Fiona Morgan


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Glmaour - It’s Friday 13th! Wait, why are we supposed to be scared?

On Friday 13th I wrote this... everyone loves a bandwagon... and a reason to feel better about their anxieties...


Ok, hands up, we admit that for years we've never been quite sure why we're edgy AF every time a Friday 13th rolls round.

Are you, like us, wondering why this one day (which, let's face it, is exactly the same as every other day EVER) is giving everyone the creeps?

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Marie Claire - This Macaulay Culkin Home Alone Parody Might Just Ruin Christmas

Marie Claire - This Macaulay Culkin Home Alone Parody Might Just Ruin Christmas

When I found Macaulay Culkin's Home Alone parody, one chilly December morning, at Marie Claire, gleefully I begged the team to let me write this piece!

Look out for the ‘C word’ in this bizarre Home Alone sequel, and no, we don’t mean ‘Christmas’…

Macaulay Culkin is pretty much the definition of the child star trying to shake that sweet innocent image, which first propelled him to fame. 

Once our bright-eyed golden boy of Christmas, this December Culkin decided to reveal just how traumatized he thinks character, Kevin McCallister, might be 25 years on from being left Home Alone.

In a five minute YouTube video titled Just Me In The House By Myself, Culkin swears, talks about drug use and breaks into a monologue about the pain and distress of being forgotten at Christmas by his family...

Marie Claire - Christmas Sorted For Every Type Of Bookworm

Marie Claire - Christmas Sorted For Every Type Of Bookworm

Struggling with Christmas shopping? We've found the perfect reads for every bookworm in your life. You're welcome.

Finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your Nice List during the festive season, can be a Christmas miracle in itself. But when it comes to books there’s simply something for everyone and, what’s more, they’re the perfect shape for wrapping...

About Time - About Time You Saw:

So, down the rabbit hole I fell, into a seat in the Olivier at London's National Theatre...

 My ticket says PRESS on it!! I am not cool enough for this sh*t!

My ticket says PRESS on it!! I am not cool enough for this sh*t!

Curious and Curiouser we are when it comes to the worlds within our phones. – the new musical based on Lewis Carroll’s twisted world – features music from Blur’s Damon Albarn and is masterfully directed by Rufus Norris.

Photography by Brinkhoff Mögenburg

Exploring how the digital world can turn you into anything or anyone, provides the perfect escape from bullies, insecurities, guilt and yourself. Aly (Lois Chimimba), has no one to talk to, her parents are splitting up and she’s moved to a new school. But she always finds comfort in the ever-enticing rabbit hole; her mobile phone. In a dynamic performance, Chimimba, playing a character half her age (12-year-old Aly), brings to the stage all the gumption required for a young girl, living in the muddle of a modern city. Through the story of Aly must come to terms with life, her disjointed family, growing up and growing into who she is.

Photography by Brinkhoff Mögenburg

Once she’s downloaded the game Aly’s on a quest to… well, she’s not quite sure yet, but then maybe that’s the point? Just like Alice (in Wonderland), Aly’s about to follow the White Rabbit into a topsy-turvy world, where no one gives her a straight answer, but where she’ll learn to say exactly what she feels. This exciting musical with captivating design by Rae Smith, goes beyond the warped and sometimes alarming world of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Dramatist, Moira Buffini, does a wonderful job of giving us a relatable story, allowing our self-reliant heroine, to battle her way through to self-discovery.

Photography by Brinkhoff Mögenburg

Be mesmerised by’s use of digital animation and ability to blur stage and screen, sucking you inside Director Rufus Norris never fails to maintain the magic through his direction always finding the balance between the recognisable, mundanities of the ‘real’ world and, the addictive online fantasy.

Photography by Brinkhoff Mögenburg

Perhaps the largest applause of the night belonged to fearlessly funny Ms Manxome (Anna Francolini) Aly’s head teacher. Queen of the school, always right but not always good, Francolini’s performance is brilliant and played out with equal parts evil and hilarity. Tying proceedings together is the fabulously pompous MC/Cheshire Cat (Hal Fowler) who majestically keeps the piece spinning, along with the world of


It’s very rare to come across a musical so dynamic and visually stunning as, yet still true to its origins. A fun tribute rather than an Alice remake, there are many reasons to follow the White Rabbit down to the National Theatre and into the Olivier.

By Hayley Thompson

Hayley is a Freelance Writer and Blogger, making her way around the city’s weirdest and most wonderful shows, comedy clubs and independent cinema houses. When she’s not hustling to find a new flip down seat to park her butt, she’s probably listening to radio four, whilst replacing her flatmate’s cheese with IOUs.

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eHarmony- How Technology Helps us to be Truthful

My Findings On The Surprising Truth About How Honest Our Online Communications Really Are... 


How many times did you lie today?

Were you late for work? Did you cancel some plans for later tonight? Or did you ever tell the waiter that you’re allergic to parsley?

How about, “Oh, sorry I’ve only just seen your text!”

Humans evolved to lie. It’s the survival technique that turned into your best efforts to seem polite. Most of us consistently lie around 2 to 3 times a day and, in return, if you’re reading this after a long day at work or a busy day of chores and chaos, you can trust me when I tell you, you’ve probably been lied to around 12.5 times. Although to be entirely truthful, gaining 100% accurate data on the topic of dishonesty is, by it’s very nature, extremely difficult. Who wants to admit to being a liar? Anthropologist and writer, Craig Harper, notes that although it’s a difficult statistic to judge, “most people lie in everyday conversation when they are trying to appear likeable and competent.”

“I’m willing to lie about how we met.”

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve spotted these eight cheeky words nestled in the middle of an online dating profile.

It’s an in-joke, a nod to the old taboo, but really who could blame you for thinking we need to lie? I mean, falling in love through a screen, it’s hardly a Rom-Com worthy ‘meet-cute’.

But, online dating is the trend, which outgrew it’s taboo. If you’ve not at least dabbled, the chances are you’re already engaged to your childhood sweetheart, you married before the ‘.com’ explosion or you just have a really poor Wi-Fi connection...


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LOOK - It's Official: Bradley Cooper Is The Perfect Man

The Swoonworthy One Learned To Cook For His Latest Film Role...

Is there anything this man can’t do? We swooned at his moves in ‘Silver Linings’, gripped the edge of our seats throughout every minute of ‘American Sniper’ and couldn’t help but snort with laughter at his worst ever ‘Hangover’. But did you know, Bradley Cooper really can cook?

In his latest role Bradley plays bad-boy chef Adam and he even learned to cook for the part. That's some method acting we can really get down with. The Comedy-Drama tells the story of a Ramsey-esque chef, rocking a two Michelin star reputation, on the competitive Parisian restaurant scene. But when the culinary star moves to London, where the movie is set, Jones’ fast lane lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and explosive passion catch up with him. Now a stubborn attitude and burnt bridgesthreaten to hold back Chef Adam Jones as he finds himself starting again...

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LOOK - The Winnie The Pooh News That Will Blow Your Mind

The One Thing Disney Forgot To Mention When Recreating This Childhood Classic...


...Yep there really is Winni-The-Pooh 'news' that will blow your mind!

Can you believe Winnie The Pooh has been a childhood classic for almost 90 years? But there’s one massive fact, which we never knew, until now.

If you grew up in Britain the chances are the A.A. Milne’s classics formed part of your bed time reading. Or if you were a Disney kid (and let’s face it, who wasn’t?) you surely would have fallen in love with Walt Disney’s imagining’s, of the little yellow bear with an addiction to honey.

But did you know, Winnie The Pooh, is actually a girl? Mind blown? Yeah, we know!

Want to know more about this world-shattering life-changing teddy bear based gossip? Of course you do! Head to LOOK Magazine Online now!

Nerve - Is Erika Lust Changing Porn?

Erika Lust is an independent adult filmmaker who’s made her name filming sex, not porn. Originally from Sweden, after studying political science, feminism and sexuality in college, Erika began to decide on the type of feminist she wanted to be. For Erika, deciding she was indeed sex positive was one thing. But unlike many women, unhappy with their representation in pornography, Erika went a step further.

I met Erika in a Soho hotel bar after her latest film premiered at London’s Raindance festival, bottle of white on the table between us, I knew I was inside the most interesting room in London.

“Sometimes they don’t even put all the cock in, they just put in a little little piece of it. Why?”

Erika’s leans in, grinning, as if she’s about to spill the most exciting of secrets.

“Because they want it to look bigger!” Her eyes widen and we shriek with laughter. “I have to take the porn out of them.”


Want to read more? Click here and head over to Nerve to read the full interview with Erika and find out about her sexual revolution!

Cosmopolitan - Working Late Increases Your Risk Of Stroke By A Third


Written for Cosmo online

 20 AUGUST, 2015 @ 3:58 PM

Working late increases your risk of stroke by a third

Send this link to your boss, yeah?

By Hayley Thompson


Sadly, it's no secret office hours are getting longer. The classic nine-to-five is beginning to feel like a mere myth for most of us – and the idea of not having our work emails connected to our smartphones is enough to make most of us break out into cold sweats.

But now a new study has shown that working late could make our risk of a stroke up to three times more likely. Eek. In a study conducted by The Lancet Medical Journal, research showed that on average those who slog it out for an extra three hours a day (making their working week around 55 hours long) are around 33% more likely to suffer a stroke. Pretty terrifying stuff, right?

According to the researchers, it's not just sitting at a desk replying to emails that's making us unhealthy. Researchers reasoned that people working long hours often can't find time to exercise, eat a balanced diet, or get enough sleep – a potentially lethal combo. Sound familiar anyone? SIGH.

*switches out-of-office on*




Guest Blog for Date My - Finding A Girlfriend For My Dad The Hero

Guest Blog for Date My - Finding A Girlfriend For My Dad The Hero

...Seeing my Dad on the weekends was just a thing that happened. Two Christmases just meant more presents and moving to a new house with my Mum by the beach was exciting.

I was lucky.

I liked my new school, I loved my Stepdad and I came to look forward to the long car journeys sat next to my Father, to and from Mum and Dad’s: Singing along to Fleetwood Mac, listening to Anne Fine books on cassette and making Dad laugh with stories of my own devising; were some of the happiest hours of my childhood.

But my Dad had to become a hero.

The hours spent in the car may have felt like a treat for me; fun road trips with McDonalds for tea, but my Dad made those five hour long drives after a full on week at work. Worse still he made them at the end of our weekends together, to deliver me home to Mum, then drive away again, alone...