These are stories about dating, love, sex, fake phone calls, that time my boss saw me naked on the toilet, and my Mother.

Because I've always been that girl who at some point in the night has looked at her life and asked, 'how?'




So, I've created this Dating Blog, to share with you, my own tragic and begrudgingly hilarious dating experiences. The Bad boys, The Backup Guys, The I Love You Buts and the ones better off as friends. 

I'll be heading out into The City of London, to find out what the dating scene has to offer a haphazard twenty something, who's not quite getting it right. Call me a dating researcher, not expert and, consider me your 'Crash Test Date Dummy'. 


The difference between Men and Women is; Men desire Women, Women desire to be desired.
— Shirley Conran

A favourite quote from a favourite book which I've found upon countless occasions to be horribly true.


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Where Are All The Male Dating Bloggers?

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If you're a boy and you write about dating, or just a human with an opinion on why girls appear to be leading the way on relationship blogging, get in touch here!